Psalm 119:105


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Chicago Alive Youth Camp

Have you been able to un-plug, get away and/or remove yourself from normal everyday life this summer? Doing this can have a refreshing, cleansing and even spiritually enriching effect on one's life. It can help you be more aware of God's presence and consider what is truly important in life.

Earlier this week I was priveledged to be the speaker for a camp for 12-14 year olds. We were at Dickson Valley Camp near Sandwich, IL. There were about 50 campers, mostly from the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago. We had a lot of fun: canoeing in the Fox River, indoor rock wall climbing, walking the rope bridge, swimming and more. I challenged them in our chapel times to reflect on the message of Jesus and respond to Jesus' call to be a disciple. It was a wonderful time of being together and being far away from normal life.


Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Ocean

Recently my wife and I spent a week at a bed & breakfast in Honduras. Everyday began with sitting by the ocean. Below are some thoughts:

The ocean. After a good night's rest, we awoke to the sounds of the soothing ocean, Before breakfast I sat near the shore soaking it in. Why is the ocean so mesmerizing? How can something so powerful be so peaceful? The mighty water washes over the heart to heal a hurried life. You experience the ocean and feel peace, And why do I enjoy the view so much? There is not much to see, Two hues of blue meet miles away at a place called horizon. On one level, this could be considered boring scenery. But it is not. I keep looking out at the wide expanse of water and sky. Why? The simplicity of the scene, the gentle movement of water on such a large scale, helps me live in the moment. Past regrets, current stress and the unknown future wash away. I am left free to consider what is most important in life. To love. The creator of the ocean is calling out with unstoppable waves of love. Will I listen to the lesson of the shore? How does one live a simple, powerful, peaceful life? Love God. Love people.