Psalm 119:105


Saturday, November 30, 2013



Tuesday: Chapel began with a 4 minute video about passing kindness along. Jason & Jaszmine read a few verses from Psalm 103. Then we had an open mic time where students were invited to share what they were thankful for. This chapel is always a wonderful expression of thanksgiving and Christian community.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL: We had an extended singing time with Mr. Gesch leading on the guitar. We saw a PowerPoint that Sophia made about Typhoon Haiyan. The proceeds from the middle school soup lunch are going to aid those in need in the Philippines. Six students read from parts of Psalm 103 & 107. We then had an open mic to share thanks. It was very touching to hear from so many students.

Thanksgiving Photos

The pictures below are of a "Thanksgiving Tree". It was done as an expression of thanks to God in the Thanksgiving service of the church I attend.


High School. Tuesday: Hymn Sing at Faith CRC. Thursday: Lindloff Family Advent Devotion

Middle School: Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Boys & Girls, Louis Dooley


Thursday: Girls only had chapel in the auditorium. The speaker was Shelia Downer, mother of BreAnna (11th). All the guys were on the bleachers in the gym with Mr. Davidson. Mrs. Downer spoke with the girls about accepting who they are in Christ. They should not listen to the voices of the world telling them what they should look like or how they should act. Mr. Davidson spoke about the prophet Daniel to illustrate how the boys need to live with Integrity, Courage, and Conviction.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL Louis Dooley was our speaker. He grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois. In high school he delved into the world of drugs and criminal activity. At the young age of 19, he faced a lengthy prison sentence. He spoke of his commitment to Jesus and challenged the students to live for Jesus. Louis has been out of prison for 4 years now and works for a prison ministry. The middle schoolers loved the talk! If you need a speaker, let me know.


High School Tuesday: Thanksgiving Chapel

Middle School: Thanksgiving Chapel

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Small Groups, Fall Play, Mr Glover & 4 Seniors


Tuesday: This was our 3rd small group chapel of the year. The groups read from Isaiah 40. Two of the questions asked were "what are some reasons we do not trust in God more?" and "what are ways we can help build trust in God?". The short video includes the opening prayer and my "deep thought" for the day.

Thursday: We saw a scene from the high school play, The Man Who Came to Dinner (performances on Nov. 21, 22, 23). It is very funny! In reference to the play and God's Word, Mr. Lindloff then spoke about how we, as Christians, should treat people who are...well...difficult.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL: Mr. Glover, Timothy's high school director of athletics & performance, and 4 high school athletes (Conner, Nate, Jenna, Sarah) shared in an informal question and answer time. Some of the questions that Mr. Glover asked the students were "what was a middle school sports highlight?", "what is the value of being a part of a Christian team?", and "what are some spiritual exercises that strengthen your faith?".


High School. Thursday only: surprise! Check back next week to read about it.

Middle School: Special speaker, Louis Dooley

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Friday, November 8, 2013

Who Do You Follow?


Tuesday: Both chapels ended with students scattered all throughout the auditorium. They were challenged to pray about the condition of their heart and how they are following Jesus. Below are two must-see videos. One video was made by a couple of senior girls and put together by Abigail. It includes a few Timothy teachers. Watch all 5 minutes. One of the funniest videos ever shown in chapel. The skit that led to the prayer-time was recorded. Sorry for the poor quality, but the skit is great! The rhyming is first-rate!


High School. Tuesday: Small Groups. Thursday: you'll soon find out

Middle School: Mr. Glover and 4 TCHS athletes

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Chapel Band & 2 Young Guys


Tuesday: The all-student chapel band led us in worship. Enjoy the video from one of their songs.

Thursday: Wade Urig spoke on the depth of our sin and the overwhelming, overflowing grace of God through Jesus Christ. Using a black and red bucket he explained the hopeful truths from Ephesians 2. Wade is a recent Wheaton College grad and is currently a pastoral intern at Pathway Community Church in Elmhurst.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL Anthony Kasper came to share his testimony and point us to Jesus. By explaining the power of God's grace through difficult circumstances growing up and some tense situations as an adult, Anthony encouraged students to be faithful disciples of Jesus. Currently, Anthony works for a Christian organization that promotes education and church planting in Rwanda. Thanks to Mr. Vander Bill for suggesting our speaker!


High School. Tuesday: Student-led Chapel

Middle School: Led by high school students (same as the high school chapel)

Location: Timothy Christian Schools