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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Brother and the Student Band

BOTH HIGH SCHOOL & MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL ON TUESDAY: My brother, Cliff, spoke. He and his family (his wife and three children) are missionaries with YWAM, based in Perth, Australia. It is one of the biggest YWAM bases in the world with over 20 ministries and many different training schools:

Cliff told about his call to missions which began while he was in middle school. As he spoke about his missions work, he made this point to the students: Listen for God's Voice, calling you, directing you. He challenged everyone to live with a "kingdom of God" perspective. It was the general consensus from my classes that while we don't really look alike, we speak alike.

HIGH SCHOOL CHAPEL ON THURSDAY: Alex Johnson led the student band as we worshiped God by singing, Take It All, From the Inside Out, One Thing Remains, How He Loves, Our God. About 30 students stayed after chapel to keep singing!

High School: Alyssa Paulson, Wheaton College student, on Tuesday and "5 Hymns Every Christian Should Know" on Thursday. Middle School: Mrs. Adams' husband and band will be with us to lead in worship.

Location:Timothy Christian School, Elmhurst, IL

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Encourage One Another

HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL: Both chapels were on Tuesday and were the same except Will Roelofs lead singing in the middle school chapel and Mr. DeKoekkoek shared a story in the high school chapel about challenging students to be more open about their faith at Timothy.

Theme of the chapel: encouragement to talk more about our faith and how our Bible reading is going. The chapel featured 4 skits about school life: reading the Bible on the bus, freshmen asking a senior about his Bible reading, trying to impress girls with fake spirituality, and volunteering to pray with a friend. There was a volleyball video that highlighted how the varsity team encouraged one another after each point whether they won the point or not. We need to be encouraging each other daily. Last, Becka, Anthony and Nathan shared about how they are being challenged in their Bible reading.

YouTube Video

High School: Tuesday--Cliff Wiener, Thursday--singing with the student-led band
Middle School: Tuesday--Cliff Wiener

Location:Timothy Christian School, Elmhurst, IL

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Most Spiritually Powerful Chapel of the Year!

HIGH SCHOOL CHAPEL ON THURSDAY: This post will not do justice to the spiritually rich time we had in chapel, but I will try. The chapel ended with the stage and front filled with students seeking God and desiring to put Jesus first in their lives.

It was simply "WOW!". The theme of the chapel was Christianity, the message of the Bible, at its essential core is not religious deeds but a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We opened in prayer, a reading of Hebrews 4:12-13, and singing "Revelation Song." I briefly talked about the importance of a relationship with Jesus. We watched an "I Am Second" video of Wayne Huizenga, Jr.'s testimony (see below). Then I invited students to take a step of faith and get out of their comfort zone and come forward.

TUESDAY'S CHAPEL: The high school was lead in worship by the Kuyper College worship team and choir on Monday. This college group from Grand Rapids was not only skilled, but also passionate about worship!

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL on Wednesday: we had Andy Pasek from Elmhurst CRC speak. He gave the students a great challenge to be faithful in reading God's Word.

NEXT WEEK: Both the middle school and high school chapels will be on Tuesday. The chapel will feature some humorous skits and serious challenge about encouraging one another in reading God's Word daily.

Location:Timothy Christian School, Elmhurst, IL

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Service, A Miracle, and "Now is the Time"

TUESDAY: Jimmy started off by sharing about our school's Compassion Child, Odnel Selus in Haiti. He challenged everyone to donate spare change from lunch. We then highlighted two service opportunities. Harriet Boerman spoke about New To You Resale. Sam and Tommy told us about their service experiences with New To You. Then Lisa, Kathy and Melissa shared about how students can serve at Park Place, right next door to Timothy!

THURSDAY: Through speaking and a video, Mr. Woudstra shared how this summer God spared the Navigator's Colorado camp, Eagle Lake, from a raging forest fire that was headed right to the camp.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL: Kate, Ellie, Philip and Jason, four high school students, shared how God worked in their lives in middle school. The chapel emphasized how spiritually important middle school is. Now is the time to really seek Jesus and be praying for God's direction in their lives!

NEXT WEEK: High School. Monday: Kuyper College choir leads us in worship. Thursday: Wayne Huizenga, Jr. "I Am Second" video. Middle School: Andy Pasek from Elmhurst CRC.

Location:Timothy Christian School, Elmhurst, IL 60126