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Friday, March 28, 2014

Ashley Tameling

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAPEL: Ashley Tameling spoke! She is a 2010 TC alum, a current Moody Bible Institute student and also works in L.A. with Next Step Ministries. Through stories from her summer ministry in California and the story of Bartimaeus in Mark 10, she talked about how people are important to Jesus. It is so important for middle schoolers to base their identity on Jesus, who loves them. Ashley is in the middle below with a couple of TC friends who came to hear her (Nate & Amy).

HIGH SCHOOL CHAPEL: none due to Fine Arts Week

NEXT WEEK (after spring break)

High School. Tuesday: Jason Turner; Thursday: Roy Oksnavad

Middle School: Amanda & Mackenzie share about Haiti

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Amanda & Mackenzie and Adams' Band


Tuesday: Mackenzie and Amanda shared about their recent trips to Haiti. Mackenzie traveled there at the end of February with a medical team and some pastors from her denomination. This is Mackenzie's second trip. The group traveled to various locations and attended to people's physical needs in the name of Jesus. Enjoy the video below from her trip. Amanda went to Haiti with her dad & mom and two older brothers. When? At the end of December and beginning of January! They traveled a couple hours outside of the capital city. Much of their work was ministering to children. What a great way to spend Christmas break!


Thursday: We had back to back chapels. Vinnie Adams and his band led chapels for both the middle school and high school. He is the husband of TCMS science teacher, Kate Adams. In the middle school chapel, Mrs. Adams' homeroom helped with a skit, Scripture passages and prayer. Some of the songs we sang were Take it All and How Great Thou Art. The video includes clips from both chapels


High School. no chapel due to Fine Arts Week

Middle School: TC alum, Ashley Tameling

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hoekema, Small Groups, Contentment


Tuesday: Pastor Jon Hoekema of Horizon Community Church spoke on prayer, specifically prayer being about deepen our relationship with God rather than what we can get out of God. It is about seeking his face, his presence, not just about his hands, what he can give us.

Thursday: Kendra opened in prayer. Sarah, Macy, Joe, Brett & Gus shared how small groups have been valuable this year. Students then left to their small groups with the time focusing on the theme of courage. The Scripture passage was from Acts 4, focusing on "When they saw the courage of Peter and John...They were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus." Some of the questions discussed were "what story of courage inspires you?" and "how can you show courage by standing up for what you believe in?".


Miss VanDenBerg's homeroom led chapel on contentment. They acted out the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard from Matthew 20. They also did a humorous skit on how social media breeds discontentment. Miss VanDenBerg challenged us to be content and thankful. For those on Instagram, she challenged people to post pictures of things that bring joy and use #tcjoylist.


High School. Tuesday: Amanda & Mackenzie on Haiti trips; Thursday: Adams' Band

Middle School: Adams' Band

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chapel Band & Pechanio


Tuesday: The student chapel band led us. By the way, they are really sounding good! We sang Take It All, Ten Thousand Reasons, Lord I Need You, How He Loves, Set a Fire, The Doxology.

Thursday: Former TCHS Bible teacher, Matt Pechanio, spoke. He shared about his missions trip to India and related the trip to Lent. Going to India was an amazing opportunity and yet a difficult trip. It made home all the better when he returned. Lenten disciplines, or fasts, should not be seen as burdensome religious deeds. Rather, they should be seen as opportunities. As we journey through Lent, these opportunities make the "homecoming" of Easter that much more wonderful!


None this week due to IOWA testing.


High School. Tuesday: Pastor Jon Hoekema, Thursday: Small Groups

Middle School: VanDenBerg Homeroom

Location: Timothy Christian Schools


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dooley, Black History, Mr. Ridder's Homeroom

High School Chapel
Tuesday: Louis Dooley shared his testimony. Growing up in East St. Louis, he endured much hurt in school and at home. This led to a lucrative drug dealing "business" even before graduating from high school. At age 19 he was sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder and armed robbery. Soon after going to prison, he committed his life to Jesus Christ. Louis earnestly sought to grow deeper in his faith. To his astonishment, the parole board let him out of prison after 15 years. Louis gave a stirring call to be committed to Jesus and to live for Jesus.

Thursday: We enjoyed the yearly black history chapel. Malik led off with a rap that he wrote–great performance! Tyra read a moving poem by Langston Hughes. Montanna created a PowerPoint of great quotes from African Americans that was shown while Kairra played the piano. Kendra and Arianna led singing with others. Anita & Mark read from Deuteronomy & Galatians. Fabian was our emcee.

Middle School Chapel
Mr. Ridder's homeroom led chapel. The theme was wisdom. After Taylor and Grace helped with the singing, Bible passages were read and the students performed skits. Mr. Ridder tied it all up at the end, encouraging students to listen to wise people and follow godly wisdom. We also watched a video that you might like to see: Keith & Kristyn Getty, The Perfect Wisdom of Our God.

Next Week
High School
Tuesday: Chapel Band lead worship; Thursday: Matt Pechanio