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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Black Culture Club & Calvin Wind Ensemble

Tuesday: The Black Culture Club led chapel today. The theme was Bridge Builders. Ms. McNeil asked questions to a student panel. It was great to hear students give their perspectives on race and being a bridge builder. Some of the points of discussion were “what do you love about your culture?”, “describe a time when someone made a wrong assumption about your culture” and “why does building friendships with people of a different race matter so much?”.

We also watched a great video, We All Bleed the Same:

Thursday: With the teachers seated behind her, Ms. McNeil shared a spoken word piece she had written. It was filled with poetry, emotion and beautiful singing. The chapel concluded with students invited to the stage to write how they can be bridge builders. What a wonderful sight as students in unity came forward to write notes and display them.

Friday: Special chapel today! The Calvin College Wind Ensemble led us in singing, sharing and playing beautiful music.


High School Tuesday: TCHS band; Thursday: Aaron Foster

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love Enemies, Singing, the Church

Tuesday: Small Group chapel. Laughter was heard in the groups with the opening activity: make up a story by going around the circle with each person adding a sentence with the theme of loving our enemies. One of the questions discussed was about how to show kindness (love) to those who bother/annoy/frustrate us.

Thursday: A chapel of singing! The student chapel band led us. Our worship included these songs: Holy is the Lord, Indescribable, Reckless Love and Revelation Song. The Scripture reading was Hebrews 12:1-2. We also spent time in confession of sin.

Friday: Mr. Ridder and his homeroom led chapel. The theme was the importance of the church.

High School Tuesday & Thursday: Bridge Builders

Middle School: Calvin College wind ensemble 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Rev. Hesham Shehab & Ben Jorden

Tuesday: We were blessed to have Rev. Hesham Shehab as our speaker. He shared his story of how he went from a Muslim intent on killing Christians to a devoted follower of Jesus in Lebanon. Currently, he is the pastor of Salem Christian Fellowship in Lombard. As he spoke of how the gospel of Jesus Christ transformed his life, he encouraged students to be the light of Jesus in this world.

Thursday: Ben Jorden, ministering with Child Evangelism Fellowship of Chicago, spoke. With great energy and passion, he challenged the students to respond to the call of God in Acts for all believers to be a witness for Jesus. He also let students know how they can be missionaries in Chicagoland through Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Friday: Snow Day!

High School Tuesday: Small Groups; Thursday: Student chapel band

Middle School: Mr. Ridder’s homeroom

Saturday, February 3, 2018

President Dykstra, Students Only Prayer, Sytsma Homeroom

Tuesday: Trinity Christian College’s President Kurt Dykstra spoke. The title of his talk was intriguing: Abe, Gus & Us. He told stories of Abraham and Gus. At the end of the talk, he revealed that Gus was actually St. Augustine. God wants to use each one of us for his kingdom work!

Thursday: We saw a video of students singing the doxology in a racquetball court. A slide show highlighted students’ thoughts on prayer. Then all the teachers were dismissed to pray for the students in the hallway. Students were invited to move throughout the auditorium and spend the remainder of chapel in prayer. It was a beautiful, peaceful time in the midst of a busy school day.
  • The video is at the top of the blog post.
  • For slideshow of student prayer thoughts CLICK HERE
Friday: Mrs. Sytsma’s homeroom led chapel. The theme of the chapel was racial reconciliation. They read a children’s book, shared Bible verses and showed a video entitled Do Something.

High School Tuesday: Hicham Chehab; Thursday: Ben Jorden

Middle School: Mr. Ridder’s homeroom

Saturday, January 20, 2018

RENEW Chapels Plus 10th Graders Bless the Middle School

Tuesday: Second semester chapels started off with small groups. In addition to talking about what they did for RENEW, students shared a high point from their classes or trips and how their faith was challenged.
Thursday: Today’s chapel was an hour and a half long! We heard stories from all the RENEW trips and numerous RENEW classes. Students shared wonderful testimonies of how God worked through them to bless others, and how God worked in them to strengthen their faith & bond them together as a group. We were also treated to many videos and slideshows that highlighted the RENEW experience.


Friday: We had a special Worship Chapel led by TCHS 10th graders. They combined a heart of worship with excellent musical skill. A special thanks goes out to this band of Myah, Grant, Justin, Tyler and Luke. Enjoy the video below!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Chapel Band & Prayer, H.S. Choir, Christmas Singing

Tuesday: We had a chapel of song and prayer. The chapel band led us in singing O Come, O Come, Emmanuel; How Great Thou Art and What a Beautiful Name. We also spent about 10 minutes in silent prayer. Prayer stations were set up, including the Prayer Wall. This time was a holy moment for Christian community during the Advent season.

Thursday: The high school choir blessed us with music. For the last number, the orchestra assisted them with a beautiful Christmas music medley. The videos below are from the Christmas Concert.

Friday: We enjoyed a time of Scripture and Christmas songs. To introduce each song, students read parts of the Christmas story. Then we sang a song related to that passage. The junior chamber ensemble blessed us with a piece from their recent concert. Mr. Wiener ended with a devotion about Jesus being the focus of Christmas. Yes, presents are fun, but how are we going to put Jesus first? In case you’re wondering, we sang What Child is This, Away in a Manger, Angels We Have Heard on High and Go Tell it on the Mountain.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Small Groups, Muscianship Class, Advent Prayer

Tuesday: Here are the leaders' notes for small group chapel:
  • Sit in a circle as much as possible
  • Each person is to answer every question
    1. Ask: what was your favorite food from this past weekend?
    2. Ask: what was the best relationship moment from this past weekend?
    3. Read Bible Passage two times: 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
    4. Ask: How can you do a better job of encouraging others? In the small group, in class, others in school?
    5. Respond: Take a moment for each person to think of an answer to the question. Then go around the circle and share.
    6. Close in prayer. Go around the circle, each person say a one sentence or more prayer (or whatever closing prayer works best for your group)
  • If you need more questions:
  1. What activity or skill do you want to do with greater excellence? And what does it look like to have excellence in that skill?
Thursday: Mr. Pelt’s Contemporary Musicianship class led chapel. In the class, students wrote their own worship songs. They then shared them with us in chapel. Enjoy the video!

Friday: Advent prayer chapel. After singing, Mr. Wiener spoke how advent themes run counter to cultural values. Patience instead of frustration over delays (and slow wifi); silence instead of noise (including “screen” noise); and humility & repentance instead of pride (me first). Then we had about 10 minutes of silent prayer. There were some prayer stations set up. Students could draw/journal, share/pray for requests or just sit and pray. They spread out over the whole auditorium. It was beautiful! On a Friday afternoon, an entire middle school was quiet before the Lord in prayer. 

High School:Tuesday–chapel band & prayer time; Thursday–Choir
Middle School Friday: Christmas singing