Psalm 119:105


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fernandes & Wilson

Tuesday: Mr. Fernandes, 8th science teacher and high school soccer coach, was our speaker. He spoke of his recent trip to Uganda with his wife and their call to move to Uganda. After he shared about Uganda, he spoke of the lessons God impressed upon him from Uganda. Mr. Fernandes encouraged students to live with contentment by centering their lives on Jesus.

Thursday: Mr. Wilson spoke. He has recently preached in some area churches and is also Timothy’s newest employee, working in the school’s technology department. His talk focused on Colossians 2:8. He highlighted ways in which the world corrupts our thinking and how the gospel gives us true life.
The photo below was my favorite artwork of the week (by Marta!)

High School Tuesday: Small Group sharing; Thursday: Andy Pasek
Middle School Friday: Mr. Schutte’s homeroom

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chapel Band, Streamcross (Mr. Pelt), VanDerBill Homeroom

Tuesday: The student chapel band led their last chapel of the year. We sang This is Amazing Grace, Beautiful Things, What a Beautiful Name it is and 10,000 Reasons. The students in the photo below did a great job leading their peers in worship. They worked hard and really sought to honor God with their chapel leadership. I felt blessed to have them as the chapel band for 2017-18!

Thursday: Mr. Pelt led worship with the praise band, Streamcross, from his church, Grace Lutheran. They recently released an album, I Will Worship. For more information on the band & their recent release:

Friday: Mr. VanDerBill’s homeroom led chapel. They took us back to childhood as we sang some golden oldies from children’s Sunday school: He's Got the Whole World, Jesus Loves the Little Children, This Little Light of Mine, Be Careful Little Eyes, Jesus Loves Me

High School Tuesday: Mr. Fernandes; Thursday: Jei Wilson

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Marshall Johnson, Small Groups, Mr. Fernandes

Tuesday: Marshall Johnson was our speaker. He is Mr. Davidson’s brother-in-law. Marshall challenged the student body to have the courage to stand for Christ, even if it means standing alone.

Thursday: Small Groups today! One of the most important questions discussed was “if people truly believe in the resurrection of Jesus, how would that affect their lives? What difference should it make?” Students also answered this question with a visual representation of some kind and took a photo of it.

Friday: 8th grade science teacher Mr. Fernandes spoke. He shared stories from his recent trip to Uganda. Drawing on his Uganda experiences, Mr. Fernandes challenged the students to live a life of contentment. Contentment is something that we need to work at, but most importantly, contentment should be rooted in our relationship with Jesus.

High School Tuesday: Chapel Band; Thursday: Mr Pelt
Middle School Friday: Mr. VanDerBill's homeroom

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cross & Repentance, Chapel Band, MS Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday: In anticipation of Holy Week, we had a chapel centered on the cross of Jesus Christ and repentance. Yanni & Olivia opened with a piano/oboe duet: O Sacred Head Now Wounded. Then, as Simon read parts of the Jesus’ trial and crucifixion from Matthew, students “acted” out four scenes by freezing in place. For the last ten minutes, students were invited to spend time in repentance that involved a prayerful action. God worked in many hearts. It was a beautiful time of worship.

Thursday: The chapel band led with an acoustic set. In light of Tuesday's time of worship, this chapel was reflective. We sang Be Thou My Vision, Great are You Lord, How Deep the Father’s Love and Spirit Pour Out.


Friday: We had a first: chapel was in the middle school cafeteria. Mr. Wiener led a scavenger hunt game where four students raced among their peers to find the required object. There were seven objects. Then Mr. Wiener shared Scripture passages that related to each object. The theme of the chapel was discipleship lessons.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Detmer, Small Groups, Meyer Homeroom

Tuesday: Wayne Detmer, Simon’s dad, spoke. He spoke of his call to the Lawndale Health Center nearly 20 years ago. Dr. Detmer told the story of the health center and of God’s good work in that community. He ended his talk with a beautiful story about a patient at the health center and by making the point that our identity is in Jesus, not what the world says.

Thursday: Today we gathered in our small groups. The discussion was a follow-up of our recent “Bridge Builders” chapels. Some of the questions: What is your favorite ethnic meal? Describe a time when your assumption about a person or situation turned out to be wrong? How can you/we be better bridge builders with one another?

Friday: Mr. Lundeen and the student worship team led the singing: Lord, I Need You and I Surrender All. Then Mrs. Meyer’s homeroom led a chapel on prayer. Every middle school student had a sheet of paper with the A.C.T.S. prayer outline on it (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication). The homeroom students led us through each step of this prayer. We concluded with a time of prayer.

High School Tuesday: chapel centered on the cross & repentance; Thursday: chapel band

Middle School: Mr. Wiener

Saturday, March 3, 2018

TCHS Band & Aaron Foster

Tuesday: The TCHS Band blessed us with beautiful music. Their selections included some grand sweeping music from the Lord of the Rings and also some historic jazz from the Benny Goodman era.

Thursday: Aaron Foster spoke. Aaron is a 2010 TCHS grad, who went to Timothy from K-12. He is currently the high school youth director at Chirst Church of Oak Brook. He spoke on Colossians 2:6-7, focusing on roots. He delivered an engaging message (complete with radishes, carrots & parsnips) that challenged students be rooted in Jesus Christ every day.

TCHS flora note: the photo below is of snowbells. It is an early, early flower of spring. What a beautiful precursor to what’s ahead! You can see it this week just to the north the of main high school entrance.

High School Tuesday: Wayne Detmer; Thursday: Small Groups

Middle School: Mrs. Meyer’s homeroom

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Black Culture Club & Calvin Wind Ensemble

Tuesday: The Black Culture Club led chapel today. The theme was Bridge Builders. Ms. McNeil asked questions to a student panel. It was great to hear students give their perspectives on race and being a bridge builder. Some of the points of discussion were “what do you love about your culture?”, “describe a time when someone made a wrong assumption about your culture” and “why does building friendships with people of a different race matter so much?”.

We also watched a great video, We All Bleed the Same:

Thursday: With the teachers seated behind her, Ms. McNeil shared a spoken word piece she had written. It was filled with poetry, emotion and beautiful singing. The chapel concluded with students invited to the stage to write how they can be bridge builders. What a wonderful sight as students in unity came forward to write notes and display them.

Friday: Special chapel today! The Calvin College Wind Ensemble led us in singing, sharing and playing beautiful music.


High School Tuesday: TCHS band; Thursday: Aaron Foster